Model Pembelajaran Hindu

Study Teaching and Learning Model Tri Sëmaya at Lesson Subject Hinduism Education in SHCC 8 Denpasar
(Kajian Model Pembelajaran Tri Semaya pada Mata Pelajaran Pendidikan Agama Hindu di SMA Negeri 8 Denpasar)
By: I Gusti Nyoman Suardeyasa, S.Ag



Background this research, Bali experienced crisis of various facet, pursuant to Environment Minister Republic Of Indonesia report noted by WALHI (Environment Live Means-Organisation) happened water deficit which increasing reach 7,5 Billion m3/years and estimated reaching 27,6 billion m3/years at 2015 years. Bali electrics crisis, with capacities 450 MW (Mega Watt) and produced 200 MW (44,14 %) from Jawa, usage of burden electrics dot culminate 332 MW or still be remained about 118 MW again, but usage growth reach the high mean enough that is 14,5 % per-years so that will be used up fore and so with farm exploitation, forest, sea which terracing and nature ruining which is rampant progressively, feeling concerned for Bali, also the air pollution mount, climate change Bali excelsior what immediately have to get resolution, especially in the field of Hinduism education which can to control it through teachings aspect specially Tri Sëmaya which by Senior Hight School Country 8 Denpasar-SHCC 8 Denpasar (SMA Negeri 8 Denpasar) mission, but require to be studied of executing and using this teaching in learning desaign in SHCC 8 Denpasar.
So that is research problem: (1) what will be execution Tri Sëmaya teaching and learning model at Lesson Subject of Hinduism Education in SHCC 8 Denpasar?; (2) what will be constraint faced in executing Tri Sëmaya teaching and learning model at Lesson Subject of Hinduism Education in SHCC 8 Denpasar?; and (3) What will be effort performed within overcoming execution constraint of Tri Sëmaya teaching and learning model at Lesson Subject of Hinduism Education in SHCC 8 Denpasar?.
Theory to study the problems is konstruktivis theory, this teaching and learning theory to build the concept of early student (concept teaching and learning), student learn to have a meaning (meaningfull learning), cooperate (coorperate learning), and learn active creative (active and creative learning), konvergensi theory, and theory orient the value to study the constraint and effort correction of quality of out put SHCC 8 Denpasar. SHCC 8 Denpasar as research location, type of research qualitative having the descriptive character. Type of research Data consisted by the quantitative data and data qualitative, steming from primary data come from observation data and interview, while data sekunder come from data of bibliography study and documentation. Self researcher as subjek research by making instrument, study Tri Sëmaya teaching and learning model, and SHCC 8 Denpasar as object research selected by pursuant to study empirik, informan determined by snow balling sampling, data collected with observation, interview, study of bibliography and documentation. Data analyse done by coding, editing, clasification, data cross check, analyze, reduksi and conclude data.
Result of this research: Tri Sëmaya model teaching and learning at lesson study Hindu Religion Education in SHCC 8 Denpasar, in planning, actuating, and evaluating. Planning step, make with Tri Sëmaya pola with material study, indicator study, sourch and tools of learning, learning methode ect, in sintaks step, teacher give Hindu etika information, student research Tri Guna and Dasa Mala concept in the art of Hindu, to relating with present (wartamana) condition pursuant student experien, to aplliying value Tri Guna and Dasa Mala in that story, teacher can strengthening and transferring knowledge to student for better future. Evaluation step, answers to develoving student Tri Sëmaya skill.
Execution constraint Tri Sëmaya teaching and learning model in SHCC 8 Denpasar (1) internal constraint of student bodily and bounce the student like lack of motivation, enthusiasm and student talent in learning Hinduism; and ( 2) constraint eksternal empironvent and tools of learning by teacher experienced of Lesson Subject Hinduism Education. Strive in overcoming execution constraint Tri Sëmaya teaching and learning model in SHCC 8 Denpasar, (1) at class level (leaning) teacher conduct improving of student motivation by kontinyu, conducting remedi (repetition), executing tuition and konseling and also conduct the reporting to student parent; (2) at institution level, giving student toll, improve achievement teacher Lesson Subject, and realize the annual job program, so that can improve the student ability of cognate like dharma wacana (religious oration), cerdas cermat (intellegence race), Hindu olympiade, level of psikomotor as religious skill maturity, seenly life gaps for improve life quality future according the Tri Sëmaya teaching.

Sourch: Thesis IHD Negeri Denpasar 2009.


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  2. Awesome information, many thanks to the article writer. It’s understandable to me now, the effectiveness and importance is mind-boggling. Thank you once again and good luck!

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